1- What is Flash Angels?

Flash Angels is a mobile app (available on IOS & Android devices) that let you book an efficient and an effective workout with a certified personal trainer (called Angels) at a place and time that is suitable for you.

2- How can I book a workout with Flash Angels?

Download the Flash Angels app then sign up. We offer on-demand booking or scheduled appointments up to a month.

3- Can I let my Angel (=personal trainer) know a few things before my session?

Of course! Write any notes (injuries and anything else you want to share) in the comment box under the “Request for your Angel” section before booking.

4- What can I expect after I book a workout?

You will receive an SMS confirmation and another one when your Angel it’s on its way. You can follow him on the map until he arrives at your location.

5- What can I expect during each session?

During your session, get ready for a sweat, hard work, and a good time.

6- How long does each workout last?

30 min.  Our sessions are scientifically studied to target fat loss and tone up your body in a minimal time frame. Its allow you to squeeze an effective workout in your busy schedule and keep you moving at your convenience.

7- Why can’t I choose my Angel (Personal Trainer)?

When you request for your Angel, you can choose the gender (Male, Female or I don’t care).

Flash Angels is a platform that help you workout without worrying on the “efficiency” of the trainer. All our Angels are qualified, equals and follow the same methodology. Your Angel is here to help, support and motivate you.

8- What goals can I reach with Flash Angels Workouts?

With our unique workouts you can do maintenance, lose weight, get shredded, build muscles, get stronger, increase your flexibility, distress and much more… Try a workout to find out!

9- Do I need to provide my own equipment?

Your Angel will bring everything you need. If you prefer to have your own, you can buy the full equipment package on the boutique section on the app and it will be shipped to you. If you happen to have your own, you can notify your Angel.

10- How much space do I need to have for the workout?

Here a quick test you can do: If you can lie-down on your stomach and stretch out your arms and legs, you are good to go. You may choose to workout at home, at a park, backyard, hotel… wherever is convenient to you.

11- Why do I rate my Angel?

We take ratings very seriously. Ratings allow us to ensure a great experience for bothMembers and Angels (=personal trainers). Angels with low ratings may lose access to Flash Angels app.

At the end of each workout session, you will be ask to sign on the Angel app AND rate the Angel from 1 to 5 stars.

5 stars mean that you loved the service provided by the Angel and that you enjoyed the session.

1 star means that you didn’t appreciate the Angel for his lack of service or behavior.

If you select a rating lower than 5, we’ll ask you to provide anonymous feedback to your Angel about what could be improved.

12- Why the session price is changing?

Flash Angels costs are dynamically priced. This means that the price the Member sees is based on variables subject to change over time. These variables include the time of the day the workout is booked, the demand and the number of Members and Angels using Flash Angels at a given moment. This is why the price may temporarily increase or decrease during the day.

13- Cancellation Policy

You can cancel without fee when you are not matched with an Angel.

If you cancel an “on-demand” session and it’s been matched with an Angel, you will be charged at full price for the session.

If you cancel a planned session, we ask that you do so before 12 hours of your session. If the cancellation is within 12 hours, you will be charged at full price for the session. This gives our trainers adequate time to re-appear for other users so they can re-route their schedules and days.

To cancel, go to your menu, booking, click on the session you want to remove, click on “cancel workout”

If an emergency or any other cause for cancellation comes up, please cancel your booking and email our customer support at help@flashangels.com, we will assess the situation and remove any charges.

14- Is there a way for me to rebook with a past Angel?

Because we are a real time service application, we can’t guaranty if your Angel will be free. If you book a session in Advance (up to 1 week) and insist to have your past Angel back, we can try to match him with your request. Just e-mail our customer support: help@flashangels.com.